bASHful posted Sep 28, 17

The Christian Kingdom is a Christian Guild Wars 2 guild fighting the forces of dragons on Ehmry Bay. Although the guild is currently small in number, we are big on heart and proactively support one another in both online ventures and real-life problems. The Christian Kingdom seeks to provide a strong foundation that fosters spiritual growth and encourages a fruitful walk with the Lord by offering fellowship.

The Christian Kingdom enjoys every aspect of Tyria and all while maintaining a low-stress environment. PvP and WvW are serious topics in our circle and we give our best while participating. Part of giving our best is being gracious corpses as we wait to resurrect at the base and offering encouragement from the bottom of the scoreboard. Other times giving our best means tagging up to lead a squad through WvW and guiding smaller units to scramble our enemies. We acknowledge and learn from our defeats while refraining from gloating about our wins. This makes our time spent together relaxed, fun, and friendly.

If you’re looking for a Christian guild to call home, we encourage you to apply to the Christian Kingdom. We’re building our ranks and we have little to offer in the form of guild amenities at this time, but we can assure you that you won’t regret helping to build this amazing Kingdom. We’ll help one another grow in so many positive ways as we make a difference in the world of Tyria.